Grateful … To Me?

All this month I have been reading wonderful comments from people about what they are grateful for. I share most of those same thoughts. I’m grateful for family and friends, my freedom, the beauty of God’s world, the innocence of the young, the basic trust of animals, the consistency of the sun, the variety of the seasons, curiosity, and the desire I see in so many people to make the world a better place.

But to truly imagine what gratefulness is, I have to flip the question. When my time is up on this earth, what will others say they are grateful to ME for? What have I done this  year, this month, this week, this day, this hour that someone is grateful for? Has my life touched anyone in a good way?

I believe it is part of human nature to want to do good. Sometimes the presence of evil in the world seems strong, people let the devil on their shoulders take over their hearts and minds. At night, when they are alone, does their anger still seethe, or do they tremble and wonder what life could have been like if they had been raised differently, in a different place, a place without war and rage? Have they ever felt gratitude to anyone?

I hope that at the end of this day, week, year and life, someone will be thankful to me for:

my drive – which drags me out of bed and into the fray of ‘the writing life’ every day;

my friendship – for being there during the tough times as well as the happy ones;

my love – for loving unconditionally, with no thought for whether it has been ‘earned’;

my honesty – even though sometimes it may have seemed brutal;

my faith – for always believing God’s spirit is within each of us;

my trust – which is not easily shaken, but hard to regain;

my compassion for all of God’s creation – which pulls at me daily;

and my belief – that God has a purpose for each of our lives.

What will others be grateful to YOU for? If you’re willing, share on this blog. And pass it on.


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