Fall Nature Discovery #1 – About Moths and Cats

Today is the inaugural post for the new “Discovery” category of my Nature Blog. The idea is to feature two or more of the current science discoveries found on a variety of websites. In particular,
I’ll be looking at the entries on these websites which relate to animals or the natural world.

Today’s selections are from www.discovery.com/animals  

Discovery of NEW MOTH Species

A new speices of moth, the Poodle Moth, has been …

Fall Connection #2 – Sky Above, Earth Below part 1

It’s early fall, and change is everywhere. The cycle of life continues as our planet shifts into autumn gear. Animals in the Northern Hemisphere begin
preparations for winter. In the Southern Hemisphere, everything is launching into spring!

Thanks to Chris Hardeman’s Ecological Calendar 2012 for the information I have shared with you in todays post. www.ecocalendar.info

Sky Above

VenusJupiterMornings – These two celestial bodies can be seen in the morning sky. …

Fall Meditation #1 – Daybreak with Leopold

“By September, the day breaks with little help from birds. A song sparrow may give a single half-hearted song, a woodcock may twitter overhead enroute to his daytime
thicket, a barred owl may terminate the night’s argument with one last wavering call but few other birds have anything to sing about.
“It is on some, but not all, of these misty autumn daybreaks that one may hear the chorus of the quail. The silence is suddenly broken by a dozen contralto voices, no longer …

Autumn Blog Schedule and Details

Autumn is finally here – and with the equinox I am renewing my intent to give my readers nature information three times a week, on Monday,
Wednesday and Fridays, and occasionally other days in between.

Thanks for being a reader. I hope that you will recommend this site to others.

In addition to Autumn categores of Meditations on Monday, Connections on Wednesday and Experiences on Friday, I will insert seasonal Nature
Arts and …

Fall Connection #1 – Autumn Equinox, part 2

Equinox: Part 2:
Here’s more information about the fall equinox. This year, it will occur at 14:49 on September 22  (UTZ), when the sun will be directly over the Earth’s equator.

In many societies and religions, it was and is a celebrated holiday.

In Ancient Britain, the mysterious Megalithic people (those living there for thousands of
years before the Celts, Romans and Saxons) built stone structures which were aligned so that the dates of the solstices …

Summer Meditation #8 – More Questions…

“Over the past 12 years, I have learned that a tree needs space to grow, that coyotes sing down by the creek in January, that I can drive a
nail into oak only when it is green, that bees know more about making honey than I do, that love can become sadness, and that there are more questions than answers.”
– Sue Hubbell,
A Country Year

How true this seems to be! There are …

Summer Connection #12 – In the Heavens, On the Ground

Ahhh – can’t you sense it in the changing light and the shorter days. Autumn is almost here!

It’s the end of summer, and here are some final seasonal tidbits taken from Chris Hardman’s Ecological Calendar.

In the Heavens:

VenusMoon – These two celestial bodies begin to appear together on the evening of Sept. 12 (last night)!

SaturnMoon – These two celestial bodies appear together on the evening …

Summer Experience #5 – Westerly

Home again.
And it’s good to be here. It is good to travel, and it is good to come home. This year has been a time of travel for me. Relaxing, Educational.

I lose myself in the clouds as they lumber across the sky, and get caught up in the flight of birds as they pass overhead.

I relax into the scent of Flagstaff pine, salty California ocean air and Santa Fe sage.

I am soothed …

Summer Short Fiction #1 – Skinny Dipper

    The blue-brown water crept up her legs as she walked deeper into the lake. Mud oozed beneath her feet,  between her
toes; she shoved into the water. 
    The water reached her waist, and then her chin. When she could no longer touch the muddy bottom, she began to swim, holding her head up out of the water like a water snake,
as she moved her arms and legs, the way her grandmother had taught her to do. She wanted to see where she …

Summer Meditation #7 – Indian Summer

“The bright days of Indian summer are choice along the Potomac. Maples are crimson; sumac and dogwood, a rich dark red; gum trees and paw paw,
yellow; willow oak, a dull gold. There are fall days when the leaves have not yet fallen and when no breeze touches the trees. Then it’s as if the woods were holding their breath, lest a leaf
be lost.”
— William O. Douglas, My Wilderness

Surely it is …