Spring Connection #1 – Habitat 101-1

Welcome Spring.
I’m feeling it now, are you?

I believe there is an inherent need in all of us to feel connected to the natural world around us. When we are not connected, the world is a fearful place. We become frightened to go outside,
frightened to experience weather events, frightened to be anywhere but indoors where we can control (for the most part) the climate.

But it’s easy to forget that a huge majority of the people in …

Nature Meditation: Limbo Land and Return of the Green Tree

Much of the northern United States, and even my home state of Oklahoma, are in the deep freeze! This feels like Limbo Land. We all thought spring was surely here – and I ALMOST put the plants I’ve been overwintering back outside a week ago. If I had, they would be frozen by now, as overnight temps have dipped into the twenties for several nights in a row.
When will it end?

Winter Meditation #11 – Comprehension

Connecting with Nature can be difficult. Maybe you had a bad – or scary – experience with nature as a child.
It could have been a bad weather event – maybe a tornado or hail storm.
It could have been a bad experience with an animal – a dog bite, or a horse that didn’t want to be ridden.
It could have been a nature adventure – camping or hiking – that went bad, and turned into a disaster.

Winter Connection # 10: March Almanac

A beautiful day here in Oklahoma, but I hear from the weatherman than things are not so great for Chicago and the eastern seaboard and northeastern US are in for it later today. It may still be winter now, but don’t despair — spring is coming.

Spring Meditation #1 – Early Spring

I can’t help but believe Spring is here. With the beginning of March, this year, as last year, winter seems to have been banished. I was reminded today that Daylight Savings Time begins next Sunday – surely one indicator we are sliding into a different season.

Winter Experience #4 – Treasure

Hmmm – I’m debating whether or not this is a winter experience to share with you. But then, it is only March 1, and still technically winter,

Fact is, I returned home about a week ago after a wonderful week in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. TB is on the southwestern coast of the island, away from big towns. Slow-paced and safe, with no big
resorts in the immediate vicinity, it’s the laid back Caribbean vacation place I’d always …