Winter Weather Odds and Ends – Nature Discovery

Cold enough for you?
Here are some interesting facts about winter weather.

WaterFreeze – Shallow areas of a body of water freeze before deeper areas. The deeper the water, the longer it takes to change its temperature. Water reaches its densest state at 39
degrees F. (4 degrees C).

IceCloud – In winter, low temperatures and water vapor in the usually cloudless stratosphere trigger the formation of ice clouds.

LightRays – Although the …

Eyes are on you – Nature Discovery

Look around. Eyes are everywhere. People have them, dogs have them, squirrels have them, insects have them, turtles have them, spiders have them,
squids have them, and on. and on. and on.

Eyes tell us a lot about the habits of animal species (whether mammal or insect, fish or bird). Look at the location of the eyes. A predator has eyes that face forward, so they can see their prey
and zero in on them. Prey species, mammals …

Winter Eyes – A Meditation

What do you see when you look outside right now? Take a second to check it out – then come back to me.

Here’s what I see.

A sky of gray, white blue
 clouds, bits of sky,
 like dabs from Monet’s
 paintbrush, poking through;
Bare branches of oak trees, 
 scaly gray/brown alligator bark;
Brown leaves, dried bats hanging
 from  tenacious oaks –“I refuse to ‘bare’ it all …