Thinking Like a Mountain

This time of year, when winter is creeping in, I see the squirrels rushing to gather nuts for the cold months of winter. I think about other
creatures fending for themselves in the cold months. In particular, I think about wolves.

Wolves are a top predator out there in the wild. They are hated by humans who raise animals (like cattle and sheep) for a living – because the ranchers’ cash crops are a ready source of food for

Late Fall Connections

Brrrrr! The cold front came through this week, and the temps have taken a dive. Luckily, the forecast calls for higher temps over the next week,
closer to our usual November highs of the low 60s in Oklahoma. Perfect weather in so many ways, brilliant blue skies and light southwesterly winds.

Many things are happening in the animal/plant world as everything prepares for the coldest part of the natural annual cycle of life. Today’s post features information about these …

My Autumn Thoughts

Now that daylight savings time has ended, we’re back in real time. Early morning light and dark evenings. Many people I know don’t care much for the
change; it’s no fun coming home from work in the dark.

But I tend to feel it’s more natural. It FEELS right to me when the temps cool off and the sun sets so early. Coming home from work – or wherever I’ve been – feels like tucking myself in bed,
but …