Summer Connection – Peppers

I’ve been spending lots of time in New Mexico lately – and it seems my future is destined to include north central New Mexico, a land of constantly changing sky, a mix of
desert and forest, alpine and valley. The breeze blows fresh air from the north, the west, the east, and all that one really knows for certain about the weather is that from sunup to sundown,
it is likely to change.

Another …

Summer Connect – Eco Wonders!

Today’s post is full of interesting facts about special coping mechanisms plant and animal species have for living life to the fullest in the warm summer months.Bet
you learn something new!

VenomTransfer. Pipevine swallowtail larvae feed on the poisonous pipevine plant and collect its toxins, retaining the chemicals throughout adulthood for protection against
predators. Other butterflies, like the red-spotted purple butterfly, benefit from mimicking this lethal swallowtail.

PoisonStar. Originally from Eastern Europe and the Middle …

Summer Meditation – With Darwin

“The day has passed delightfully. Delight itself, however, is a weak term to express the feelings of a naturalist who, for the first time, has wandered by
himself in a Brazilian forest . . . To a person fond of natural history, such a day as this brings with it a deeper pleasure than he can ever hope to experience again.”

— Charles Darwin, Feb. 29, 1832, while exploring the forests of coastal Brazil.

I think I get …