Vernal Equinox Arrives

There’s something about that name —
If you know what it means, that is.
It means SPRING!

And the equinox part means that the time of night’s darkness and daylight is approximately the same. Here in Oklahoma, at a latitude of 36 degrees, this means we get really close to 12 hours of

We’ve had Mardi Gras and entered the season of Lent, we’ve changed the clocks and jumped forward for Daylight Savings Time,  the …

Is Spring Here? Really?

Okay – I’m looking outside now at a bright, glorious sun. The little piles of snow that clung to the flagstone this morning are gone, leaving behind
only a dark spot. The skies are blue. The trees, like skinny soldiers, stand still, tattered leaf rags clinging to their branches. Out front, the daffodil buds remain tightly closed. They
are asking the same question I am. Is it Spring? Is it safe to come out?