Sweet November

One of my favorite months! There is a mystery to November like no other time. Leaves rain down when the wind gusts, the fog rolls in and the crisp air is often laced with wood smoke. I dream of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, and eating s’mores.

Many trees have lost their leaves – but others hold on tightly to their shredded cloaks of yellow, gold and red. Some mornings bring fair skies, bright blue; others start out grim, with gray hoods. Fog rolls in as temperatures drop when the sun sets on the still-warm earth. For 30 days, we are uncertain whether to wear a jacket, a coat, or only a shirt.

It’s November, and then we feast for a final time before the onset of winter.

I found the poem below today in the 2015 edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Desk Calendar. Yes, it still exists! The book is full of great information; tidbits about gardening, helpful hints for cooks, and funny old sayings as well as trivia. Here’s the poem:

“Who said November’s face was grim? Who said her voice was harsh and sad? I heard her sing in wood-paths dim, I met her on the shore, so glad, So smiling, I could kiss her feet! There never was a month so sweet.” — Lucy Larcom, American poet (1824-93)

Sounds just about right. The month is half-way done, and I couldn’t wait another day to celebrate it.

I’m also celebrating the arrival of my very first copies of Beehives: A Suspense Novel! It’s available at online book sellers in both print and ebook formats! When googling their directories for it, use the full title (with :A Suspense Novel), or find it on my author page! And please, if you would, leave a review on the site, and also on Goodreads. Every author is ‘hungry’ for reviews. Happy reading!

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