Thoreau’s Winter Thoughts

Today’s post features thoughts from Henry David Thoreau, found in his slim volume of mini essays called “On Man & Nature,”  compiled by
Arthur G. Volkman,1960.

In northeastern Oklahoma today, in my world, the sun is shining brightly. The last scrappy remains of snow from the winter blast on the 6th and 7th of December, is finally melting away. Now, all
that remains is sand on the hilly roads and intersections, and a brown coating all over my …

Nearly Winter Solstice

The days are soooo short. I feel it in my bones and in my psyche. I long for the sun.Too cold to sunbathe outside, I lie where sunbeams pour
through the windows inside the house on the floor. The warmth soaks into my skin.

We are in the shortest two weeks of the year, and I feel that especially on cloudy days. Without the holiday parties and preparation for Christmas, I would be a homebody, content to sit and

Thinking Like a Desert

Last week, I posted an excerpt from Aldo Leopold’s “Thinking Like a Mountain” with his ever-popular essay about understanding wild things,
especially wolves.

Recently, during a stay in the New Mexican high desert, I stared into the eyes of a coyote.

She stood not twenty feet from my window, looking at the house, seeing, I supposed, the reflection of the bright midday sun on the window. She appeared curious, unafraid but cautious.