Summer Arts & Crafts #5 – Seed Pictures

Fall is fast approaching and many plants – including grasses and flowers – are going to ‘seed’. The fancy growing/blooming season of the plant is
finished and now seeds are developing within the matured blooms. These seeds are the offsprings of the plant, keeping the species alive and creating future generations. Seeds come in
all sizes, shapes and colors – some of them look like alien creatures!
The following activity is adapted from the book: Play Lightly on …

Summer Connection #11 – Your Backyard Habitat

You may not think of your backyard as a habitat for animals – but just because the large wild animals we typically think of – like deer, raccoons,
skunks, armadillos, etc. – don’t show up there doesn’t mean that animals aren’t living right under your nose. Any plot of ground can offer the food, water, shelter and space that
animals  – whether birds, insects, small mammals and even microorganisms – need to survive.

Today’s …

Summer Meditation #6 – Of Mystery

“We come from the land, the sky, from love and the body. From matter and creation. We are, life is, an
equation we cannot form or shape, a mystery we can’t trace in spite of our attempts to follow it back to its origin, to find out when life began, even in all our stories of when the universe
came into being, how the first people emerged. It is a failure of human intelligence and …

Summer Meditation #5 – Late Summer Thoughts

 The heat beats down. My soul is groaning, ready for a change of temperature.Surely, it will come soon.

Here’s a positive summer thought by Ivan Turgenev, in his Sketches from a Hunter’s Album. “It was a beautiful July day, one of those days which occur only when the weather has been unchanged
for a long time.”

I guess that’s it. The weather has been unchanged. The bright sun beems down. The wilting green leaves of the oak trees are now tinged with yellow, the earth is parched and cracking, …

Summer Experience #3 – Kayaking on Lady Bird Johnson Lake

My first kayaking experience in an ‘urban’ lake – a Saturday morning float on Lake Lady Bird Johnson just south of
downtown Austin, TX. Created by the second of two Texas dams on the Colorado River, as it flows through south central Texas (the first dam creates Lake Travis), Lake Lady Bird offers tranquil
waters and an amazing view of the Austin skyline.

The Austin Rowing Club was practicing hard at both …