Welcome to my writing blog – where I’ll be focusing on everything about writing – ideas, characters, story building and more.

I’ll be asking my writing friends to participate as guest bloggers, and providing lots of information about my short story anthologies, as well as my new mystery, Cobwebs.

I hope you’ll come back often – and please comment.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my Writing Blog

  1. Alice Brock says:

    I am also trying to develop a writer’s platform. I’ve written a mid-grade western and trying to get it published. I found your web-site on Facebook when Shirly Vincent shared it. She is my sister-in- law. Check out my web-site and blog at alicevbrock.com.


    1. marycoley says:

      Hello, Alice. Just checking in on you. Are you having any luck with finding a publisher? Hard road. Check out Dusty Richards, in Arkansas. He is a successful western writer. I believe he has a new publishing venture. Might be a good fit!


  2. Charlotte Sumner says:

    I would love my name in the drawing. Your books are awesome. I literally wait for a another one to come out. Sooooo action filled.


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