Nature Connection #2 – Tree Fingerprints

Bark is the protective lining of the living tree. This ‘skin’ bears scars and wrinkles that testify to the trials of its life. Wounds scab over, leaving a lump, slash, or sometimes a knob. The bark of each tree is like a unique fingerprint, exclusive to that tree species only.
Today’s activity is tree fingerprints!

Nature Experience 1 – December 16, 2011

That first time on the ski lift, I posed my body just right so that the chair would scoop me up instead of knock me flat. I’d practiced the pose in my mind a thousand times, and now – it was time.
The seat caught me and swung me high until I was flying up the side of the mountain over the trees. A silent, white wonderland lay below, evergreens heavy with snow.

Nature Connection 1, Wednesday, Dec. 14

Today’s activity, for children 3-9 years old (and young-at-heart adults), is designed to get us thinking about how animals survive the cold winter months, and also to think about what kind of intelligence it must take to retrieve the food that they have hidden.