Summer Nature Connection – On Land and In Sea

Late spring/early summer is a busy time in nature! Growth is all around us in the plant world, and God’s creatures are giving birth to their young, and busily living
during that time of year (in the northern hemisphere, at least) when life is the most comfortable.

Check it out!

MidnightBoost – Often found near islands in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans, spinner dolphins gather in pods of 200 to 1,000 members. After a …

Nature Meditation – A Few Weeks of Vacation . . .

“In a few weeks I must go back to the city and take up my work . . . Here in the quiet of the woods I am trying to take stock of all that this year has done for me. It
has given me health. I have forgotten about jerking nerves and aching muscles. I sleep all night like a stone; I eat plain food with relish; I walk and row mile after mile; I work rejoicing in

Spring Nature Connection – Tornado!

My home state of Oklahoma has seen the devastation once again. An EF-5 tornado struck Moore, OK May 20 at about 3 p.m., flattening two elementary schools with
students still in attendance. The tornado struck the same area which was struck by an EF-5 tornado in May 1999. Over twenty people are known dead, and today, two days later, the search still
continues over two miles of the tornado’s path.

And that wasn’t the …

Spring Experience – Gardening

Most of us have been out in our would-be gardens by now – tilling or planting – so today’s post should be helpful. I’ve consulted The Old
Farmer’s Almanac
for various tips about gardening.

These tips aren’t just about planting – they are for you, too, the gardener. I’ve included some advice on what plants you can plant with your vegetables to attracts, birds, bees and
butterflies, and also plants to keep pests away from your vegetables naturally. …

Nature Connection – Habitat 101.5 – “Crosstimbers”

What the heck is a Crosstimbers? That’s not a habitat!

I heard you say it, but listen up. In fact, The Crosstimbers is considered an ecosystem in Oklahoma, and in parts of Missouri and Texas.

Crosstimbers is the name given to the area where prairie lands meet forest. It is home to tracts of prairie, sprinkled among trees, and trees that are shorter, scrubbier and denser
than those found in eastern American forests.

Trees of these …

Spring Meditation – Contracts with Nature

“Our relationships with wild animals were once contractual — principled agreements, established and maintained in a spirit of reciprocity and
mythic in their pervasiveness. Among hunting peoples in general in the northern hemisphere, these agreements derived from a sense of mutual obligation and courtesy.”
 — Barry
Lopez, “Renegotiating the Contracts”

Hmmm. Never thought of it that way. A contract. Not written, and not even spoken aloud, and yet there was obligation there.

Nature Connections – Spring

The big news, here in Oklahoma, is that the world is GREEN!

Our oak and ash trees are covered with leaves. The spirea bush is full of white blooms, and the regal iris plants hold up their stately blossoms with such dignity!  Facing south in our living
room, the wall of windows overlooks the world, and it seems that all I see is green! This week, my goal is to add some color with some lovely perennials. That means I’m trusting that …