Pink Moon – or Blood Red?

You decide. Was last night’s full moon actually blood red, like the astronomers had promised? Or was it the Pink Moon I’d told you about in
yesterday’s post?

I watched the lunar eclipse from northeastern Oklahoma. Well, at least the first hour. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

The Pink Moon, mentioned yesterday, is a term used by Native Americans, who named the moons according to their phases and cycles. It helped them keep track of the …

Planting Time?

Brrrr. Is this the last cold snap of the season?
I hope so, because my seed packets are waiting and my fingers are itching to put on my gardening gloves and get out into the soil.
Today’s post is all about planting, and features tips from the Farmer’s Almanac about things to plant and all kinds of gardening advice. Enjoy the read!

  • Gather ‘spring tonic’ greens now: dandelion greens, fiddleheads, and leeks.
  • Hydrangeas and goldenrod …