The Light Inside – To Someone I Love

The light has gone out of your eyes.

Life is a whirlwind, a hamster on a running wheel. Your eyes are dull and full of stress, as if the world is coming apart around you. You are hurt, disillusioned, fearful.

Here is a truth. A light was placed inside you on the day you were born. It burns there, steady, constant–a source of peace, comfort and strength. Sometimes, it shines through your eyes.

Don’t let anything – or anyone – take that light from you. When life gets rough, whether it’s because of something at work or something at home or something happening somewhere in the world, close your eyes, be still and feel that light inside you warm your heart.


There is probably nothing we can do about the circumstances that trouble us. Worry does no good. All we can do is find the peace that exists inside each of us and offer calm to the world around us.

Give the light inside you a chance to warm you. Let it shine again in your eyes. Others need to see it, and I am one of them.

(If today’s post speaks to you, pass it on to someone who needs to hear it, too.)

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