Vote on my Next Book Title!

I need your help. The third mystery in my Family Secret series is ready to go to the publisher next week! Should I call it “Bee Hives”? Other possibilities are “Hiding with Bees,” or “The Honeycomb”. Which do you like best?

This mystery features the same main characters, Jamie and Sam. The title ‘Bee Hives’ is most in line with the style of the titles of the other two in the series, ‘Cobwebs’ and ‘Ant Dens.’ But I’ve been told I need some action in the title. Do you agree?

Send me a comment and I’ll add you to the poll results and report the selected title next Monday. The book will go to the publisher for interior construction next week – and I’ll be writing a lot more on this blog and elsewhere about the story and the setting and all of the great historic details I’ve incorporated into this mystery.

I’ve also been busy this summer with family and travel, sometimes combining both. The time has whirled by!

But there is more  book news: I’ve accepted a contract with Wild Rose Press for my mystery-thriller ‘Out of the Ravine.’ I’ll be featuring information about the characters, the stories and more on this blog once I have a production schedule.

It will be a busy fall!

So, please make a comment on the title, and I’ll let you know the results soon!

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