The Best Blog Ever!

What makes a good blog? That’s the question of the day — and the NAME I’ve selected for my third Family Secrets mystery is the second bit of business on this post. (Thanks for sending me your thoughts! I’ll get to that later.)

But first, about the blog: what would keep you returning again and again, week after week, both to learn and to be entertained.

If I said I was going to blog about my travel experiences, or favorite dishes to cook or bake, my bucket list, being a grandparent, my take on fixing the world’s problems, or even fashion for those over fifty, would you tune in to my blog? Or, do you want info about my writing process, my upcoming books and even a short story or writing prompt?

I seriously want to know, and I’m hoping you’ll take a minute to send me a comment. I promise I WILL blog about whatever you ask, in the order the requests are received!

I’ve been blogging for nearly four years now. I have a few followers and some other regular readers, but I’m still trying to figure this out. Some people have launched a career with a blog full of witty things, commenting on current events, or being snarky about people, places and things. What’s the best way for a writer to do it?

Okay – enough about that. Ahem — the Winner of the Title contest is … ‘Beehives’! The other choices– ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Hiding with Bees’ — got votes, but Beehives got the most. It fits the best with the other titles in the series, and since the three books ARE a series featuring the same main character, consistency is important.

Here’s an update on what is happening. ‘Beehives’ is at the publisher, where the interior is being designed and the cover created. I am working with the artist on the cover, and will soon be reviewing the interior and then the galleys. Galleys are the actual pages of the book-to-be. That review process is my final opportunity to make word or sentence changes. Too late for anything major, but even at this late date, sometimes there is a need to change something.

So, is ‘Beehives’ about bees and beekeeping? You may be wondering. And the answer is no.

Once again, the book is about a secret, and this time it’s a secret Jamie’s mother has kept for fifty years. Jamie and Sam are at Osage Hills State Park in northern Oklahoma, enjoying a long weekend in late May, and discussing their upcoming wedding. But, as before, fate intervenes with a mystery that has to be solved. In the first chapter, Jamie, Sam and the park ranger find the body of Bridget, the park’s resident hermit, and a beekeeper.

Of course, bees are involved as Jamie solves the mystery of what happened to Bridget in this park so close to her mother’s childhood home.

Come back for more about ‘Beehives’ in the coming weeks. It will be available in print and as an ebook in November! (I hope.)

Don’t forget to fill out a comment about what you want me to write about!!

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