Anticipation . . .

You remember how it felt when you were five and Christmas was two days away?

There was a knot in the pit of your stomach and it wouldn’t go away. It was hard to fall asleep, your mind was so full, jumping from one thing to another. What would Santa bring? Would you get everything you wanted? Those thoughts balanced out any doubt you might have that Santa was not capable of delivering toys to every child in the world between the time the sun set and rose the next morning.

That’s sort of how I feel. I am ready to begin the year of blog writing – with stories and character interviews and all sorts of fun facts about things that I research while writing my books. Truthfully, I had intended to begin before now, but life has a way of getting in the way despite my best intentions. So I am late with my start.

But before next week, let me update you on what’s cooking on the Coley computer.

First, Bee Hives: A Suspense Novel – book three in the Family Secret Series. Jamie is back in Oklahoma with her fiance Sam, and together they are visiting Osage Hills State Park in Osage County. Of all things, she uncovers a love inscription in an old wall, with the date of 1954 and her mother’s name! Her mother NEVER speaks of her past. Who was this boy who carved their names? What happened to him? Why has Mother never mentioned him? Before Jamie can even begin to investigate, the bodies start to drop. First to die is the park’s resident hermit, Bridget, a woman about her mother’s age. And then … But I can’t say too much.

Second, “Death in Cimarron Valley,” my novella, is finished. Combined with two other novellas by two other women Tulsa writers, our three stories will be published under the title, Somebody Had to Die later this year.

Third, my middle grade mystery, The Dragon’s Breath, is in edit-mode and will soon be seeking a publishing home.

And fourth, my young adult coming of age novel, The Summer My Life Went Up In Smoke, set in Oklahoma, is once again seeking a publishing home after being ‘under consideration’ for seven months.

Here’s hoping that in 2015 many more folks stumble onto my blog, and that they also discover my books. I write because I love to write — there is no ulterior motive. I want to share adventures, and friends, and life. There is no other reason.

Next week — it begins. I promise. I hope you will check back and find something you enjoy!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out my website at, and my Facebook page, Mary Coley Author. See you there!

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