Doesn’t your mouth water just thinking about it? That’s what I am smelling and feeling like today, as a writer. Here’s why.

Your start out with a flat, lumpy bag that no one in the world would want to look at, much less eat. The inside of the bag is hard in places, smooshy in others (depending on whether you are pressing on a kernel, or the powder-butter goo that will eventually make the plain corn taste yum.)

(Note to writers: This is your book, at the start of your creative process. It would appear that NOTHING could make this edible.)

Add 2 things: a little heat – and a little time. Then, voila! You have a plumped up bag, and when you open it, the now-fluffy white pieces spill out, all puffed up and so much fun to eat. (Just like your story, article or book will be to read, my writer friend.)

So, right now, I have several bags of popcorn in various stages of the cooking process. And, I have a fully cooked bag with fluffy pieces that I am munching on.

The only thing that could make it better would be if there was some flavoring on the popcorn. I guess that’s where the story comes in. Depending on your preferences as a writer, you make it caramel corn, or chocolate, or cheese, or butter, or cinnamon, or butterscotch, or jalapeno, or … (Help me out here! What’s your favorite flavor?)

Sure feels good to be able to eat that corn when it’s all cooked, doesn’t it? That’s how a writer feels when their book is completed, published and in the hands of an appreciative reader.

Thought for the day: It’s not always what you say that makes the difference; sometimes it’s the way you say it.

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