Anyone hear Thunder?

I’m sitting here in the glorious winter sun, not believing the forecast of an arctic blast that is on its way. Reality will strike before long! And THUNDER is on its way! (And I’m not talking about the OKC Thunder, either.)

Meanwhile, I am contemplating the next several months of my life as I craft the third mystery in my Family Secret Series. In an earlier post, I promised to be posting some little short pieces that will clue you in on the personalities and experiences of the characters in my books. I’m really looking forward to that! They will begin with the new year, and come sporadically for the first few months.

But for now, I’m all about learning new marketing skills to promote my work as an author. One tool I am using is Thunderclap. This new platform provides an opportunity to get your message out to a new audience. Thunderclap is being used by charities and businesses, by artists, authors and teachers, philosophers and educators. First, you create a message on, then you post it, sharing it through the venues you normally use. You set a goal as to how many supporters you hope to get within 14 days. You post your link on Facebook, send emails, and tweet. Hopefully you reach your goal, and then Thunderclap takes over, sending and posting your message for you.

Wish me luck – I have until Jan 5, when the experiment ends if I don’t reach my goal. Here’s the link: At my site, click on the Support on Facebook or Support on Twitter button. You are then added to my ‘trial’ count. They promise you will receive nothing from them, unless you want an update on my progress. You are not buying anything, or giving away your privacy/ You are helping me with an experiment, and hopefully helping me get the word out about Ant Dens, and the first book, Cobwebs.

Thanks for your help. Stay tuned for 2015!

Thanks for helping me out on this Thunderclap Project. Listen for the Thunder next week, if I make my goal!

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