Me, at home on the Internet

You know you are not thinking straight when all of the urls for all of your various things floating around in cyberspace get mixed up. I love to receive comments on my blog posts, on Facebook, on pinterest and on my website. Yes, those are FOUR different places you can go to connect with me, and I’m not always clear when communicating about them.

My webpage is You can learn about my background and my writing, as well as get updates on where and when I am doing various things related to my writing. You can also send me a personal and private email, to which I will try to respond within 48 hours. I would love to make my website more interactive, and have a goal of getting that all going in January 2015. I know I have been a little behind in getting that running correctly.

I hope you will visit me not only here, and at, but at Mary Coley Author on Facebook, and at Mary Coley on Pinterest! (By the way, I love Pinterest. When I get on it, I sort of go crazy, finding all sorts of interesting things and posting way too many pics.)

Let’s connect soon in Cyberspace!

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