Booking It

Where am I? (Hint: the dolphins are jumping from a pier.)
Where am I? (Hint: the dolphins are jumping from a pier.)


Remember this phrase? It used to mean ‘going fast.’ For instance, “he was booking it down the street.” I’m dating myself – but those of you who were alive during the Seventies may remember this phrase.

It means something different to me now. It means I’m working. And by work, I mean writing and editing and editing and writing – and – oh, yeah – marketing.

I’ve been learning that marketing is The ONLY way to sell books. As much as I would like to believe that I can sit around writing and editing and people will somehow discover my website or my blog and buy my book, it just isn’t so.

So, I’ll be updating a lot of my marketing pieces, and hopefully, soon, linking them together with a site where you, my friends and readers, can sign up to receive goodies I’m going to offer monthly! It might be a short story YOU get before it’s published on my blog or in an anthology. It might be a chapter of a book. It might be a week of nature thoughts for the coming calendar week. You will have to check back frequently to find out.

And I hope you do check back – after Labor Day. All the pieces should be put together by then, I promise.

Meanwhile, check out all the blog posts that have been added to this site from my previous nature blog, attached to my website,

You may have already noticed that my blog here on WordPress has a new url, Tell your friends about it.

And meanwhile, I’ll be ‘booking it!’

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