Wedding Weeps

Oh my. I think I have it all: the dress, the shoes, the manicured nails and toes.

The wedding is Saturday, in New York City. My son is getting married.

So, here’s the funny story. My son sends me a text which says I need to select the song for our mother-son dance. He sends me a website which has a list of songs people have used. Then he confides that he was a little teary as he read through the list of songs. I am glad my son is sensitive. He can also be strong, and firm and funny at the right times. (But he can also be argumentative, but I guess that’s why he’s so good at being a contract attorney.)

So, I check out this list on the website. I have to tell you that I am a musical person. I play the piano and the hammered dulcimer, and I am most always listening to music – and I’m eclectic in what I like to hear. I can go from R&B to Country to Jazz and then to classical, depending on my mood. I pull up the website and look at the list, and as I read each song, I am singing it in my head. And tears fill my eyes. Soon I am crying, then I am sobbing. There’s not a song on the list that doesn’t choke me up. I decide to put it aside and come back in a few hours, after I’ve pulled myself together.

The same thing happens again. I can’t listen to a single song on that list without crying. It’s like these songs plug right into some tear-inducing hormone or something. I decide to hone in on a few of my favorite singers and find my own song. I check out some song lists of my favorites like: Phil Collins, James Taylor, Elton John, Dan Fogelberg, Billy Dean, John Denver, John Lennon, Bette Midler, Celine Dion … Guess what happens? I’m still sobbing.

I decide that I am probably going to have to accept that I will flood the dance floor. I accept that there will be tears. Maybe I can minimize the sobbing.

In the end, we chose James Taylor’s version of “How Sweet It Is.” It’s upbeat, and a great dance rhythm. It is symbolic of the relationship my son and I have.

So, cheers to the happy couple this weekend. Here we come, New York.

Mary Coley and son Brian at his sister, Heather's wedding in September 2005.
Mary Coley and son Brian at his sister, Heather’s wedding in September 2005.

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