Hillerman Writers Conference

Woohoo! What an amazing three days in Santa Fe. You know, I’ve been going to conferences and learning the techniques of writing for more than ten years now. But there’s still more to learn.

I’ll be posting every day this week, with tidbits about what I learned and who I learned it from. Hope you’ll check back often to learn more.

Here’s a teaser about what’s coming tomorrow and Wednesday.

My first session was called, “Waltzing Your Characters into Life” by Margaret Coel, New York Times Best-selling author of the acclaimed Wind River mystery series, set among the Arapahos on Wyoming’s Wind River Reservation. Coel is from Boulder, Colo.

Coel reminded us that Characters must be memorable – they are what the reader remembers. Even if they forget the title of the book, or the author, they will remember the characters because they become friends!

Come back tomorrow to read more about writing memorable characters.

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