Cobwebs : A Suspense Novel – My Characters

As I am focusing on characterization this week in my new writing blog, today I thought I’d provide the thoughts of some of my major characters in Cobwebs – A Suspense Novel. Each quote is taken from the novel. Do you have any thoughts about the characters because of what they are saying?


“I had a bad feeling about this sudden trip to my great-aunt’s home in Oklahoma. And the weather was not giving me any reason to change my expectations. Instead, my imagination went into high gear.

“Bits of my dark memory rushed back from where I had buried them: blackness; the scent of earth and damp and mildew; the feel of coarse string as I touched . . . something. The memory produced a shiver that moved through the nerves of my body from my toes to my ears in two seconds flat.” — Jamie Aldrich

“People never take the time to learn what matters most.” – Elizabeth Graham (Jamie’s great-aunt)

“Illness and pain in those we love can make us do things we otherwise wouldn’t.” — Dr. Drake Goodwin

“Of course there were people who didn’t like her. You don’t like everyone, do you?” — Jamie Aldrich’s mother, Helen Anderson.

“Do we ever really know anybody — what they’re thinking or feeling? Even when they speak to us about things, we can never really know if that’s the truth.” — Attorney Sam Mazie.


Let me know what you think about the quotes and the characters. Let’s get a conversation going!

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