My Author Interview On You Tube!

I’m excited  to tell you that I will be featured on the program, “Authors Talk About it,” next week!  Last week, I had a super time talking to the hosts of the the program, Janelle and Rob Alex, during the recording of my interview.   Janelle and Rob  have been successful in promoting authors of all genres from around the world, and introducing entirely new audiences to their books. Next Tuesday, I’ll be posting the links and urls so that you can hear the interview! You should also be able to look it up on You Tube under the ‘Authors Talk About It’ name, and Mary Coley, Author. Check out their website at: http:://, and their Facebook page.

The focus of my interview is my third mystery, Beehives. Here’s some of the information I gave them before hand, which they used to formulate their questions.

  1. Setting: I love to set my mysteries in Oklahoma because so few people across the country know anything about the state. The state’s history is unusual. The eastern part of the state (mostly wooded and hilly to mountainous) was Indian Territory, and the Western portion (mostly flatter grasslands) was Oklahoma Territory. The two areas were combined in 1907 to form the state of Oklahoma. The setting of Osage Hills State Park was selected because of its history and also because it is a beautiful, completely wooded, very rugged park. A great place for a long weekend or retreat.
  2. Beehives is the third mystery in Coley’s Family Secret Series, so named because each mystery features a secret kept hidden by a family member. In each story, the protagonist, Jamie, has to unravel the secret to save both her life and the life of someone she loves.
  3. In Beehives, as in the first two books, the history of the setting is incorporated into the mystery. Beehives is set at Osage Hills State Park in eastern Oklahoma. The construction of the park by CCC workers in the 1930s as well as the use of the park area by gangsters of that same time is entwined in the mystery.
  4. Two key point in Beehives: the key character, Bridget, is only alive in the prologue, yet her life is key to everything that happens throughout the mystery; and, although the book takes place in current day, a worker from the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps, who built the park, and a death in the 1950s are both important to the plot.
  5. In addition to the mystery of the hermit Bridget, who is found dead in the first chapter, Beehives is about the mystery of Jamie’s mother’s first love, a man Jamie had never heard of. A carved heart featuring the two names intrigues Jamie and leads her to solve two closely entwined mysteries.
  6. The title, Beehives, was chosen because two characters in the book are beekeepers and one of the most suspenseful scenes takes place in a locked hut full of angry bees. The title ‘beehives’ symbolizes the constant tension and potential danger that exists throughout the story.
  7. All three of the books in the Family Secret Series feature ‘insect’ homes as their titles (Cobwebs, Ant Dens and Beehives.) The words are symbolic of the criminal activities taking place around the main characters. In addition, Cobwebs has two meanings, Jamie finds herself in a spider web of lies, but she also has cobwebs in her mind, forgotten memories which could provide the clues she needs to solve one of the mysteries.

Please check back next Tuesday to get the information to listen in to the program. I can’t wait!!

So check it out and visit iTunes or their website and see how the interview goes!

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