Planting Time?

Brrrr. Is this the last cold snap of the season?
I hope so, because my seed packets are waiting and my fingers are itching to put on my gardening gloves and get out into the soil.
Today’s post is all about planting, and features tips from the Farmer’s Almanac about things to plant and all kinds of gardening advice. Enjoy the read!

  • Gather ‘spring tonic’ greens now: dandelion greens, fiddleheads, and leeks.

  • Hydrangeas and goldenrod attract soldier beetles, which feed on aphids and spider mites. Plant them!

  • A homemade organic soil mix should be 20 to 50 percent high-quality, mature compost.

  • Bury seaweed in garden soil; root crops will love it.

  • Water newly transplanted seedlings with 2 gallons of warm water combined with 1 package of dry yeast.

  • To attract butterflies, plant bright-colored asters, coneflowers, and verbena.

Interesting fact: Three billion tons of dust is blown around the world annually.

TUESDAY: is the full ‘Pink’ Moon. Why do you think this April moon was given this name?

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