Vernal Equinox Arrives

There’s something about that name —
If you know what it means, that is.
It means SPRING!

And the equinox part means that the time of night’s darkness and daylight is approximately the same. Here in Oklahoma, at a latitude of 36 degrees, this means we get really close to 12 hours of each.

We’ve had Mardi Gras and entered the season of Lent, we’ve changed the clocks and jumped forward for Daylight Savings Time,  the Canadian’s have celebrated Commonwealth Day (March 10), the Full Worm Moon has risen (March 16), we’ve celebrated St. Paddy’s Day with a glass of Irish beer, and now, equinox.

And I’m glad to see it. It’s been a long winter and there is no guarantee that this ‘interesting’ weather is over yet.

On the positive side – the Daffodils are blooming and the cool season grass in our yard is turning green. Before long, forsythias and japonica bushes will be in bloom, and the tulips will be as well. Then, I personally will know spring is here.

Today, the winds are roaring, and that is another sure sign that March – and Spring – have made it.

What’s going on where you live that tells you Spring has arrived? Take a minute today and over the next two days to step outside and answer that question. And I’m wishing you a Happy Spring!

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