Is Spring Here? Really?

Okay – I’m looking outside now at a bright, glorious sun. The little piles of snow that clung to the flagstone this morning are gone, leaving behind only a dark spot. The skies are blue. The trees, like skinny soldiers, stand still, tattered leaf rags clinging to their branches. Out front, the daffodil buds remain tightly closed. They are asking the same question I am. Is it Spring? Is it safe to come out?

Wait a minute. I’m a nature person. I’m not afraid to go out ANY season of the year. And late winter, with its 50 degree days and chilly nights, bright sun and often windless days, is one of my favorite times of the year in Oklahoma! (No mosquitoes, yet.) Why am I so distrustful this year? Why am I still hanging out inside?

It’s been a rough winter, and I have been content to observe from the warm side of a glass window. Winds blow the fallen leaves from one side of the yard to the other. They swirl in whirlwinds around the flagstone patio. The hollies, ever green, point some of their leaves toward the sky; other leaves seem to be praying, hopeful, but without expectations.

Maybe that’s me. The weather has been weird. I’m hopeful, but I’m doing my best to keep expectations minimal. 

What will the Spring bring? Rain? Snow? Wind? Hail? Tornados? There’s no way to know. Hasn’t it always been that way? Just think, way back in the 40s and earlier, before tv, no one had any idea what the weather was going to be. They read the Farmers Almanac and looked at the sky. (Now I’m not dissing the Farmers Almanac. It’s very interesting and has lots of great facts if you’re into growing things using time-tested knowledge.) They watched, and they waited and they were prepared.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? It does no good to worry, or wonder, or stay inside looking out. I need to GET OUTSIDE and so do you. N{Hey, I’m not assuming you gained your Winter Five like I did (and this year it was more like Winter Ten!)}
Oh, did I mention the birds are singing, too. And – a sure sign of spring – the ROBINS are back. I think the daffodils and I will both pop out tomorrow!

(Check on Wednesdays for regular weekly posts to this Nature blog, beginning March 12, 2014!)

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