Moon Names

This month, the full moon fall on November 17. I’ve discovered that every full moon has a name, depending on when it happens during the year. Native
Americans first gave names to these moons, and European settlers often picked those names up, or adapted them for their own purposes. Here is a list of the months of the year, and the name the
full moon has been given:

November – Beaver Moon …

Early November Skies

Lots of interesting things are happening out there in the sky above us, and the lengthening nights give sky watchers like me plenty of things to
take notice of. Here’s what’s going on:

Cassiopeia – Cassiopeia is located opposite the Big Dipper in the evening sky throughout the year, but it is brightest in November.

TotalSolarEclipse – A solar eclipse is visible in eastern North America, northeastern South America, southern Europe, and all of …