Nature Connections – Spring

The big news, here in Oklahoma, is that the world is GREEN!

Our oak and ash trees are covered with leaves. The spirea bush is full of white blooms, and the regal iris plants hold up their stately blossoms with such dignity!  Facing south in our living room, the wall of windows overlooks the world, and it seems that all I see is green! This week, my goal is to add some color with some lovely perennials. That means I’m trusting that winter is OVER and it WILL NOT freeze again. (Fingers crossed.)

Here’ are a few other things happening  in the animal kingdom . . .

BuriedGold – After spending one to two years as a larva, curled up or crawling on its side under the woodland floor, the egg-shaped goldsmith beetle emerges to reveal a metallic gold tint covering its egg-shaped, greenish yellow body.

PoorLunatic – The whip-poor-will is owl-like in appearance and in its nighttime hunting behavior. Laying its eggs so they hatch 10 days before a full moon, it uses the lunar light to find insects for its nestlings.

ZealousWorkers – With the crucial task of finding food for the queen and larvae, golden northern bumblebees maintain an extremely rapid-pace lifestyle – they visit up to 44 flower blossoms per minute – which sometimes causes death from exhaustion.

RedDragon – Originally from southern Europe and North Africa, the migrant scarlet darter is one of about 30 species of dragonflies found in Great Britain. The male dragonfly displays a rich scarlet body and red veins on its transparent wings.

SoftSkeleton – The giant Japanese spider crab can measure 13 feet from one claw-tipped leg to the other. Its long, poorly jointed legs are tipped with inward-curving dactyls, which enable it to climb rocks but not to pick up objects.

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