Connection – Earth Day

Earth Day was Monday — and no, I didn’t make a post on Monday.

I could tell you I was protesting the use of electricity, which contributes to climate change. But that would  not be true. I was on my computer Monday, just like I am everyday, and I wanted to make a blog post. I intentionally did not.

No, I am not a Luddite – someone who avoids technology, preferring a simpler way of life as a way of protesting the indifference of machinery.
I see how technology has made our world better, in most ways. Most of the time, it is good to be able to experience vicariouly events happening around the world, good to stay in touch with friends and neighbors, good to see the benefits which increased technology has made for medicine and human comforts.

However, much of the world doesn’t enjoy the benefits of technology that we have here in the States and in other ‘first’ world countries. But this is not a lecture – or even an essay on haves and have nots.

It all goes back to “Earth Day.” Yes, it’s a great day for focusing attention on the planet, and ways to be ‘green.’
However, it’s more than a day. It’s a lifestyle. We should all be living Earth Day every day.

So, I intentionally avoided posting on Monday. Today, Wednesday, should be as much of an Earth Day as Monday was.

Monday we were celebrating the anniversary of the first event. I celebrated by taking a long walk with a friend, enjoying the beauty of Spring and the freshness of the breeze. I took my plastics, glass and newspapers to the recycling depot. I threw my eggshells in the compost bin. I turned out the lights in the rooms as I left them. I turned off the water as I brushed my teeth.

I did all of those little things that I do most days. I am no different than anyone else, except that I accept the philosophy of Earth Day, and I do what I can to make a difference, even in small ways.

I limit my use of fertilizers and pesticides; I feed the birds; I plant native vegetation; I monitor how much I drive.

There’s nothing hard about doing those things. The actions just require that you turn on – of off – a mental switch. Think seriously about the things you do on a regular basis. Why do you do them?

Are they helpful to reducing our use of fossil fuels? Do your actions add more chemicals to the environment we all share? Do they destroy habitat needed by animals and plants which WE need because we are ALL part of the circle of life?

This year, I’m really hoping that you will remember, Earth Day is Every Day!

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