Spring Nature Connection – Tornado!

My home state of Oklahoma has seen the devastation once again. An EF-5 tornado struck Moore, OK May 20 at about 3 p.m., flattening two elementary schools with students still in attendance. The tornado struck the same area which was struck by an EF-5 tornado in May 1999. Over twenty people are known dead, and today, two days later, the search still continues over two miles of the tornado’s path.

And that wasn’t the only place struck by a tornado this week, or this month, or this year. Tornadoes are a regular weather phenomena in the Plains states, but have occurred in ALL fifty states of the U.S. When the weather patterns are right, cold air from Canada meeting up with moist, warm air from the Gulf of Mexico, monstrous clouds  form and the wind created when these two air masses collide creates a tornado.

Humans have become much better at predicting where tornadoes might form in recent years. Improvements in radar, and better understanding of weather itself, has made it possible to predict what areas may be prone to tornadoes. These predictions are often made a few days ahead of time, but are most accurate after the event has actually started to occur.

I dislike tornadoes because of the devastation they cause to humans. But tornadoes are a reality of nature, just like a hurricane, a tsunami, an avalanche or a volcanic eruption. We live on a living planet, ruled by sun and wind and water. Everything cycles around our globe, including energy, air, gases and even rocks. We cannot stop these cycles.

We tend to hate most what we understand the least, whether it’s a different culture or way of life, or the world around us.

In spite of my sadness this week at the devastation another tornado has caused, and the pain and misery it has brought to so many people, I am awed by the power of nature. We might as well be tiny ants, we are so ineffective to try to alter the natural way of our planet.

This planet supplies us with air to breathe, water to drink, food and shelter. It also provides us with tornados. 

My prayers are with all those affected by tornadoes this spring. I pray for your recovery and peace as you continue with your life on Planet Earth.

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