Summer Post Schedule

Hello –

Today marks the beginning of summer on my calendar – what about yours?

In recognition of our most laid-back season, my posting schedule will change slightly. For the next three months, I will post on Mondays and Thursdays. Rather than having a designated day for Meditations, Connections and Experiences, I will be more relaxed about categories. Any category may appear on any Monday or Thursday – and I may occasionally post extra information and photographs on my website, so check there, too.

In summer, all creatures of the animal world are awake and active, giving lots more opportunities to learn things about them. I expect to have a lot more “connection” activities as well as “experiences.” I’ll also be adding some opportunities for nature “art” as well as “mapping.”

Hope you’ll stick with me the summer. Be sure to let me hear from you about things you want to know more about!

Have a great summer!

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