Nature Experience #16 – Acre-Sense

I hope you enjoy this accumulation of sensory images from my acre in southwest Tulsa —-

May 31, 2012

I Hear…
Bird Chirps
Water Gurgling
Rustling leaves
Wooden wind chimes
Swings squeaking
Chattering Squirrels
Crunching Leaves
Barking Dogs
Airplane Buzz
Lawn mowers

I Feel…
Cool breeze
Hot sun
Rough bark
Smooth river rocks
Sandy flagstone
Blowing Hair
Tickling flies
Pea gravel

I Smell…
Cedar mulch
Moist Air
New earth

I Taste…
Cold tea

I See…
Racing cloud smears
Blue sky
Tall Oak trees
Dappled shade
Nodding elephant ears
Pink calladiums
Lacy ferns
Spinning wind catchers
A Garden Saint
Chartreause sweet potato vine
Sunset-colored kayaks
Green ivy
Sandstone walls

I Intuit…

With these sensory clues, can you see my acre?

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