Four News Items!

Okay, it’s been a while. And I have learned not to promise a blog a week! But I do have a need to share information and to talk to you about upcoming projects.

My intention is to try to keep you, those interested in me and my writing, updated on what is happening with FOUR different things. I have been busy — in spite of the fact that you have not been updated!


  1. I started work on the 4th book of the Family Secret Series featuring Jamie Aldrich and Sam Mazie! This new book takes place 8 years after Beehives (Book 3) and finds Jamie and Sam settling in a new town, (I’m thinking it’s Ponca City, OK this time, but may be Bartlesville.) I am nearly 100 pages in, or a third of the way through the book. Temporarily called Chrysalis, this book finds Sam at the center of the mystery, or rather Sam’s first wife, Rebecca. Her body, ten years buried, is being disinterred due to a cold case murder investigation!
  2. I also started work on the 2nd book of the Black Dog series. The Ravine, which came out last year through Wild Rose Press, concerns a hilltop neighborhood and the fate of 10-year-old Katy Werling, whose life depends upon the efforts of a stray black dog to convince the adults of her family and neighbors that something is very wrong down in the ravine. Book 2 of the series, tentatively called Full Circle, takes place five months later and focuses on Gwen and Jim Lopez, the neighbors who were on an Alaskan cruise during the Katy fiasco. I’m about 120 pages into writing this one.


At long last, I’m working to get Blood on the Cimarron out there for you! This is the mystery, set in Payne County, OK (Stillwater) that I have been working on for a couple of years. I’ve trying the traditional route of NY publishers and found it as frustrating as ever, so I’ve decided to go the self-publishing route and am working with Mother Spider Publishing.

Four things will happen within a month – I hope:

  1. My book cover will be finished – and revealed;
  2. Advance ordering of books will be available;
  3. The book will be available for purchase


4. I’ll have a summer launch party in Tulsa, OK!


Since Cobwebs was first published in 2014, I have gotten so many requests to have it released as an audiobook. It’s finally going to happen! I am working with Amazon’s ACX to create an audiobook. At this time, I am taking auditions for narration. I’m not sure how long that process will take. Then the recording will begin. ACX estimated that the book will have eight hours of narration. As I learn more about the process, I’ll keep you informed!

This is all very exciting, and I welcome your input and suggestions. Stay tuned – I’ll be checking in ‘once a week’! (Fingers crossed.)

2 thoughts on “Four News Items!

    1. marycoley says:

      Hi Mike! ACX is affiliated with Amazon. If you enter that into a search engine, it should take you to the information site. My project is called: Cobwebs by Mary Coley. Although I had specified a female narrator, I’m willing to hear auditions from male actors if they are interested! I guess I choose a narrator first, and then a producer will accept the project and get it all set up. I’m new at this!
      Always good to hear from you.


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