What Should I Write?

I’m gazing into my garden gazing ball in the fairy ring, wondering …

Take part in my poll and help me decide what to write next! Every author struggles with this question when they are in between projects. Do I dig something out of the drawer (a first draft never edited, or maybe never completed) or do I write something completely new? My mind is always going, thinking about possible stories. I get intrigued by a setting, or by a story I read in the paper, or even by a past memory that suddenly bursts through the dark recesses of my brain. It could be a memory of an event, a person, a place, an experience. But whatever it is, there is enough of a nugget there to make me consider it as a story start.

If you’ve read any of my four previous books, you’ll know that I lean toward mysteries. Actually, I think every story is a mystery. The reader asks the question, “What Happens?” and continues to turn the pages. But there have been murders in my books,  disappearances, illness and death. There have been killers, and stalkers and everyday psychos. And there have been nice people like those you’ve known most of your life.

I’m intrigued by human psychology, and the flip sides of good and evil that we each struggle with daily. I wish all people were good, but they’re not. We are a mix and sometimes one side wins over the other.

So, I’d like your help! What should I work on next? Hopefully, one of the below projects sounds enticing. Make a comment telling me your preference, and I’ll let you know how the poll came out!

  1. The fourth book in the Family Secret Series. If this is your choice, please let me know the following: Whose secret is it? What insect ‘home’ can be used for the title?
  2. A book I’ve drafted that I call The Crystalline Crypt. This book features two women friends in their early thirties. One of the friends goes missing after finding a picture in a gallery of herself. She tells her friend about the picture, and then disappears.
  3. A book I’ve drafted that I call Dead Meat. This book features a veterinarian who goes into the Witness Protection Program after saving the life of a dog who is being used as a drug mule for a Mexican cartel.
  4. The second book in the Black Dog series that I call Full Circle. The first book, The Ravine features a neighborhood of families and a stray black dog that interacts with them. Each family has ongoing issues, and the dog uses her innate perception and her ability to provide comfort to get the neighbors through a potentially tragic weekend. In this second book, more neighbors experience possible tragedy and interact with a different black dog.

These are four possibilities. But the imagination is limitless. I may have a new idea every day for a book to write. Not all of my ideas or my books-in-progress are books for adults. Right now, I have a middle grade novel in rewrite stages, and a young adult novel–completed — that hasn’t been picked up by a publisher. Later this year, I may publish it myself on Amazon’s CreateSpace.

Give me a shout and let me know your vote for my next project. Estimated start date is August 1.


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