Meet The Neighbors in The Ravine

 The Ravine’s worldwide release is tomorrow!

Katy Werling’s parents think she’s spending the night with a friend, unaware their child is lying severely injured at the bottom of a ravine. A crisis in their marriage consumes them, preventing them from focusing on anything other than their crumbling lives. Neighboring families, all facing their own catastrophes, are equally oblivious to a black dog’s attempt to capture their attention. Will any of them look past their individual struggles to discover the dog’s urgent message and save the child? (from the book’s back cover)

The first book of my Black Dog series with The Wild Rose Press, The RAVINE is a story of family at all levels and all ages. Meet the first two families who live in the neighborhood known as The Hill.

Mick and Jo Jordan are octogenarians. The first residents of this forested development in southwest Tulsa, they live on an acre of land that has become too much for Mick to handle alone. His grown children live elsewhere and he is estranged from his recently-divorced son. His wife, Jo, in tune with life in their neighborhood, is all too aware of her growing infirmity. Still teaching piano lessons to local children, she watches her husband closely and does the best she can to maintain her home while memories of her life swirl around her.

Al and Betsy Tilton live directly behind the Jordans on the Hill. The men used to be friends, both veterans of different wars, twenty years apart. Al and his Asian American wife Betsy live quiet lives. He is semi-retired, supplementing his Social Security income with a part-time job as a parking garage attendant. Betsy, meanwhile, is a working Registered Nurse.

Betsy has become increasingly frustrated with her husband. He suffers from PTSD. As long as he takes his medicine, and keeps in contact with his doctors at the nearby Veteran’s hospital, he’s on an even keel. Lately, though, he’s been slipping. Increasingly irritable, he imagines things, and when an object isn’t where he thinks it should be, he is likely to blame Betsy or a neighbor.

On the weekend of The Ravine, Al’s behavior pushes Betsy over her limit. Nothing on ‘The Hill’ will ever be the same.

Next week I’ll feature an interview with Katy Werling’s mom and dad, two of the other Point of View characters in The Ravine. If you’ve pre-ordered, I’m sure you’ll receive your book soon! Enjoy!

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