Cobwebs Reboot – the Finale

What more is there to tell you? I hope you have learned something from this month’s posts about my first mystery – Cobwebs – A Suspense Novel. My greatest wish is that you found it entertaining and fun, and that you had a shiver or two as you were reading.

Cobwebs was a labor of love, but it is not the last book I will write. Not long after the novel was finished, I already had in mind a second book. About that time, my husband and I began our love affair with New Mexico. We had already visited a few times. It was the visit we made the week after Sept. 11, 2001, that convinced us we needed to spend more time in that state.

Our planned trip on Sept. 12 to England had been cancelled. We both had time off. So we drove to New Mexico, where we experienced crisp, clean air, and a unique sky – a sky whose blue was unfractured by jet contrails (all jets were grounded. Remember?) The sense of history was tangible. Everywhere we looked we were intrigued by ‘those who had been here before.’

I began to consider writing a book set in New Mexico, since I had made New Mexico the home state of the main character in Cobwebs.

One of the small cities we enjoyed was Las Vegas. Boom – the history of the place captured me, and the seeds of the second book, now known as Ant Dens were planted. I also began to realize that the family secrets uncovered in Cobwebs, as well as Jamie’s family connections, offered even more opportunities for secrets to uncover.

So – the second book in the series is done and at the publisher’s! I hope you will return during October as I write about the characters, setting and plot of Book 2 in the Family Secret series. Once again I’ll try to post something three times a week – if cyberspace is willing.

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