Intruder! – Meet Trudy

IMG_1936One of my favorite character’s in Cobwebs – A Suspense Novel is Trudy. An important character in this mystery, Trudy’s initial introduction is low key. There is no indication of the important role she will play in the twists and turns of the mystery. Trudy introduces herself to Jamie at a gathering of friends who come to offer Jamie support after her great aunt Elizabeth is hospitalized.

Here is how Jamie describes Trudy:

“This middle-aged woman’s blanched face had an unbalanced, unfinished look. Fine lines spider-webbed out from the corners of her eyes to meet straight chin-length salt-and-pepper hair. Splayed green eyes skimmed the world in nearly opposite directions. A sharp, high cheekbone on the right side was mated with a low, sunken cheek on the left, where a dent punctuated her jawbone.”

During this first encounter, the woman hardly speaks. She’s not so silent or unobtrusive during their second meeting.

After the gathering, a storm batters the town. Soon after Jamie goes to bed, the lights flicker and go out. Floorboards creak. Wind gusts rattle the windows. Noises downstairs, not made by the wind, alert Jamie to the presence of an intruder. When the person climbs the stairs to the second floor, Jamie crouches beside the bed. The footsteps stop. Here’s what happens:

~”An off-key humming began. It sounded like “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

The humming faded away.

“Whooah? Anyone here?” a voice bellowed.

My right shoulder crashed into the bed frame. “Ouch.”

Feet clomped into the room. I struggled to stand and then leaped for my flashlight on the dresser. When I swung it at the blurry form crossing the room, the metal casing connected with bone. The shape staggered back. Several objects fell to the floor and rolled.

The intruder groaned and leaned onto the bed’s footboard.

I flicked on the flashlight and aimed it like a gun. Once again, I felt for my glasses on the nightstand. This time I found them. I thrust them onto my face and the spotlighted figure came into focus.

Chin-length salt-and-pepper hair framed a white face. The women I had met earlier, Trudy O’Day, rubbed her jaw and shifted her weight from leg to leg.

“What are you doing here?” I wailed.

She shrank toward the doorway, her look jerking from floor to ceiling. “It’s me, Trudy. The lights are out. You don’t know where nothin’ is. You need the candles.”

I swung the light down to the floor, and the wide beam illuminated candlesticks strewn across the floor.”~

A strange friendship begins. Only with Trudy’s help will the secrets of Jamie’s family be revealed.

I hope you are enjoying this Cobwebs Reboot. Check back Wednesday for the next post in this series, a little history about the Osage Tribe.


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