Late Summer Eco- Tidbits

From bats to damselfly’s, today’s post offers a variety of information about all things nature. These are more amazing facts from Chris Hardman’s Ecological Calendar 2013.

BatBridge  In Houston, Texas, a colony of Mexican free-tailed bats finds shelter under the Waugh Bridge. During the summer, the colony reaches its peak size of about 300,000.

MaizeSilk  The strands of silk that protrude out of a head of corn are the elongated stigmas of the plant. Each strand of silk, when pollinated, yields a single kernel of corn.

WholeLottaWheat  There are about 30,000 different types of wheat. One bushel of harvested wheat contains approximately 1,000,000 individual kernels, weighs approximately 60 pounds and yields approximately 45 pounds of white flour.

RoleReversal  Male birds almost always are more colorful than females; the male’s flamboyant appearance helps him attract a mate. However, the female belted kingfisher presents an exception. She has two colored chest bands, while her counterpart has only one.

DamselflyinDistress  At mating season, the male damselfly positions the female by placing the forked claspers on his abdomen around her neck. As she stretches her abdomen forward, their complementary arches form a heart shape.

FlyOrDie  Mono Lake, known as “California’s Dead Sea,” is twice as salty as the ocean. It is home to the alkali fly, which endures the lake’s salinity with almost no natural competitors, and becomes nutritious food for flocks of migratory birds.

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