Summer Meditation – Of Summer Constrasts, Moons and Solstices

Something different today. My own meditation – about moons and the week of summer solstice in two different worlds.

I experienced nature in a different way last week — and  practiced what I preach. (That is, nature is beautiful and special and should be enjoyed and cared for wherever you are!)

I left my forested eastern Oklahoma home for the desert, where I will have a new, part-time home. I feel a little schizophrenic, living in these two worlds so different from one another.

In eastern Oklahoma, everything is green and lush this year because of bountiful rains. The wind blows and humidity turns summer days into saunas. Mosquitoes and frogs flourish, as do flowers and ferns of all kinds. Summer is a soft and glorious treat for the eyes, especially when viewed from inside an air conditioned house.

In New Mexico, most everything is brown, and greenery is sparse. The wind blows less fiercely, and the air is clean, clear and dry. Nights are cool and stars are bright. Days are long, and mid-day is hot. Siestas are tempting. Much of the vegetation is prickly, and I am careful not to brush against any of it. In shady areas, greenery hovers and curls, licking at whatever water can be found.

The summer solstice happened in both places last week. The day was the longest of the year, hot and windy. But night still came and brought with it a waxing moon set to turn into the ‘biggest’ moon of the year.

Sitting as the day passes and night falls, I breathe in the air of life, close my eyes and listen to the wind, stirring the leaves. Life is good in both my places. Abundant beauty surrounds me, and mystical scents and spirits float by on an easy breeze.

Summer is fully here, and soon, cicadas will sing. I’m listening.

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