Spring Meditation #1 – Early Spring

I can’t help but believe Spring is here. With the beginning of March, this year, as last year, winter seems to have been banished. I was reminded today that Daylight Savings Time begins next Sunday – surely one indicator we are sliding into a different season.

Today’s post features three thoughts on the beginning of spring.

“To anyone who has spent a winter in the north and known the depths to which the snow can reach, known the weeks when the mercury stays below zero, the first hint of spring is a major event.” – Sigurd F. Olson, The Singing Wilderness

“Spring is in the air. The breeze is gentle with the smell of birthing, the earth radiates freshness, the birds sing with more abandon than they have for months.” – Barbara Dean, Wellspring

“Though a country be split in two, hills and rivers endure;
And spring comes green again to trees and grasses . . . ” – Tu Fu, “A Spring View”

Spend a moment outside today, feeling and smelling the air, listening to the birds, glorying in the warmth of the sun and the bright blue sky.

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