Winter Meditation #8 – Respite

Winter is drawing to a close. I feel it here, in Oklahoma, although people living in the northeastern and north central United States may not agree! For the South, Mardi Gras is in full swing.

We haven’t had much of a winter as far as weather in my state, but that’s not all there is to winter. Shortened hours of daylight, lengthy nights. The need to bundle up (even if it’s only a jacket) and to wear gloves and a warm scarf or hat. The simple desire to stay in once you’re home, when the dark, cold night has fallen.
And, especially after the holiday parties are over, there is a respite from frenzied activity, parties and shopping.

Today’s post is about that winter respite. And even though I may not have had a lengthy vacation, or time off from work and a busy schedule, I still feel I’ve had some respite, it seems to be inherent in the seaon. It is one of the joys of winter.

From Laura Lee Davidson, A Winter of Content

“In a few weeks I must go back to the city and take up my work . . . Here in the quiet of the woods I am trying to take stock of all that this year has done for me. It has given me health. I have forgotten about jerking nerves and aching muscles. I sleep all night like a stone; I eat plain food with relish; I walk and row mile after mile; I work rejoicing in my strength and glad to be alive.”

Ms. Davidson’s words remind me of what a busy life we have made for ourselves, and how very important it is to get away in nature, to spend time alone or with loved ones, to let our cluttered minds clear.

I hope this winter has had and is having that effect on you.

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