Fall Nature Meditation #11 – Stewardship Part 1

I hope you enjoy reading Monday Meditations as much as I enjoy finding them for you. My hope is you not only read them, you think about them, and not just for the moment but several times during the day or week.

For the month of December, I’ll focus on Stewardship as the topic of the Monday Meditation, and will offer three to four quotes in each blog. ( I may have used some of these over the past year, forgive me if I have.) Take time as you read to let the words – and their meaning – sink in.

“It is our task in our time and in our generation to hand down undiminished to those who come after us, as was handed down to us by those who went before, the natural wealth and beauty which is ours.” — President John F. Kennedy


“The land belongs to the future . . . We come and go but the land is always here. And the people who love it and understand it are the people who own it – for a little while.” — Willa Cather, O Pioneers!

“It is good to realize that, if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature’s gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.”
President Jimmy Carter, An Outdoor Journal

“Each generation has its own rendezvous with the land, for despite fee titles and claims of ownership, we are all brief tenants on this planet. By choice, or by default, we will carve out a land legacy for our heirs. We can misuse the land and diminish the usefulness of resources, or we can create a world in which physical affluence and affluence of the spirit go hand in hand. History tells us that earlier civilizations have declined because they did not learn to live in harmony with the land.”
Stewart Lee Udall, The Quiet Crisis

(The above quotes are part of a great collection of quotes found in the book, The Quotable Nature Lover, published by The Lyons Press for The Nature Conservancy, 1999, and compiled by John A. Murray.)

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