Fall Connection #10 – In the Garden and the Kitchen

For today’s post, look again to the Farmers’ Almanac. Nature Wisdom passed down through time for anyone who is willing to learn.

Nov. 1886 Almanac
Now is the time to close up the fall work and get ready to go into winter. Finish the fall ploughing, trim the grapevines, throw some pine boughs over the
strawberry beds.

Nov. 1887 Almanac
The cool nights and the frosty mornings remind us that winter is at hand. It is better to …

Fall Meditation #7 – Will Rogers’ Wisdom

Will Rogers is one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons. Will Rogers Day is celebrated Nov. 4 in Oklahoma, but for my blog, today will have to do.

Rogers was born and raised in Oklahoma. The town of Claremore claims him as a native son, and the Will Rogers home is operated as a musuem in that city. Rogers died tragically and before his time in
1935 in Alaska, in a plane crash with his aviator friend, and fellow Oklahoman, Wiley Post.

Will …

Fall Discovery #2 – Environmental Tipping Points

Most of us don’t worry too much about endangered species. We doubt the loss of any one plant, animal or microbe will have much effect on our lives – or the
lives of any other living thing on the planet.

But that’s not so. Everything is connected in the circle of life, and the ramifications of anything becoming extinct can be multiple and far reaching.

One of the things that ecologists and other scientists …