Fall Connection #10 – In the Garden and the Kitchen

For today’s post, look again to the Farmers’ Almanac. Nature Wisdom passed down through time for anyone who is willing to learn.

Nov. 1886 Almanac
Now is the time to close up the fall work and get ready to go into winter. Finish the fall ploughing, trim the grapevines, throw some pine boughs over the strawberry beds.

Nov. 1887 Almanac
The cool nights and the frosty mornings remind us that winter is at hand. It is better to cut firewood now than later in the season, as it dries better and is harder than if cut after the first of the year.

Nov. 2012 Almanac
In the Garden

– Cut all asparagus plants to the ground.

– Place tree guards around young fruit and nut trees to prevent winter damage from bark nibblers, such as voles and rabbits.

– If a soil test shows a deficiency, add the appropriate soil amendments now.

– Build wooden frames or tents to protect shubs from heavy snow.

– Plant tulip bulbs twice as deep as their height.

– Give the compost pile a good turning before winter.

– To make calcium-rich water for houseplants, soak crushed eggshells in water for a few days. Strain out the shells.

In the Kitchen
– Dip candle ends in hot water and then fit them into holders while the wax is soft.

– Fill a sugar shaker with flour to sprinkle when you’re rolling pastry.

– To thaw a frozen turkey in the refrigerator, allow one day for every 5 pounds.

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