Summer Arts and Crafts #3 – Pictures and Puzzles

Beautiful calendars often come in the mail –  I’m already receiving calendars for 2013 although it is still more than five months away!

I don’t have enough walls to hang all the calendars sent by nonprofit organizations. Greeting cards are often the other thing I randomly receive.  Here’s a couple of ideas for something you can do with them. These are great projects for parents or grandparents to do with kids on summer days when it’s just too hot to go outside, or if (miracle of miracles) it is raining!

You will need:

  • calendar pages or greeting cards
  • stiff paper or cardboard (for puzzle backs)
  • scissors
  • stick glue
  • sandwich bags (zipping style)
  • an empty cereal box 
1. Cut apart the calendar pages
2. Set aside the calendar’s front page
3. Set aside the back page that has small pictures of each of the monthly pages
4. With a glue stick, glue each large calendar picture to a heavy weight paper or cardboard
5. Glue the smaller composite pictures to a single cardboard, then cut apart
6. After the glue has dried, cut each calendar picture into puzzle pieces (size will depend on the age of the person who will be working the puzzle). You can use wavy lines to separate the pieces, cut pieces into geometric shapes, or use a more traditional puzzle cutting pattern.
7. Place each set of puzzle pieces in a sandwich bag
8. Staple the smaller picture to the outside of the appropriate puzzle bag
9. Glue the calendar’s front picture on the front of a cereal box
10. Store all of the puzzles in the cereal box

When your puzzle fan gets older, you can cut the larger pieces into smaller ones and continue to use them.

Have fun playing with the puzzles you created!

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