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My brain is hard at work designing a blog with lots of good content for those who love nature and want to ‘connect.’ As my teaser website promises at, new content will be posted on the blog three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. (Note: My summer schedule is two posts per week, Monday and Thursday, and the category of post will vary, with new categories added!)

From September through May, the Monday post will be a nature meditation based on a quote from one of several great books in my personal library that relate to the natural world; the Wednesday post will be a personal activity for you and your family, to help you get closer to nature; and the Friday post will either be a short essay about one of my experiences in nature, or a short-short story where nature is a major character.

During the summer, posts may be meditations, connections or experiences, but I’ve also added summer arts & crafts as a category. Those posts will include suggestions for outside and indoor activities involving objects from nature.

Visit my website: , where I’ll be featuring photos frrom my own nature experiences!

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