Nature Meditation #24 – What Shall We Give the Children?

Today I borrow part of a poem, author unknown. It was read as part of a eulogy for a wonderful friend of mine who passed on earlier this month. Carol Eames was the first Education Curator at the Tulsa Zoo. She touched the lives of numerous adults and children alike in her work there, as well as during her volunteer efforts after her retirement in 2000. She was a compassionate, intelligent, caring woman who stood up for those things she was most passionate about: gardening, animals, education, unity, peace and self-respect. Her spirit lives on.

What Shall We Give the Children?
The Open Sky, the Brown Earth,
The Leafy Tree, the Golden Sand,
The Blue Water, the Stars in their courses,
And the Awareness of These.
Birdsong, Butterflies, Clouds, and Rainbows.
Sunlight, Moonlight, Firelight.
A Large Hand Reaching Down for a Small Hand.
Impromptu Praise, An Unexpected Kiss.
A Straight Answer.
The Glisten of Enthusiasm and a Sense of Wonder.
Long Days to be Merry in and Nights Without Fear.
The Memory of a Good Home.

– author unknown

I am overwhelmed by the wisdom of these words. Contemplate them with me. And may it be so.

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